23 week old silkies: male or female?


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Dec 7, 2020
Hi everybody,

We have 4 silkies for a couple of months now and they have changed quite a bit. They are 23 weeks old at the moment. With all the information on this forum we are quite sure that 1 is a hen (buff silkie 1) but keep changing our minds about the other ones. Buff silkie 2 looked a lot like a cockerel at one point, but now we are leaning towards hen as well.
The black ones are the most difficult for us to tell.
Black silkie 1 is a bit taller than the other ones and has golden hints at the neck which made us think cockerel, but posture is more like a hen.
Black silkie 2 looks like a cockerel to us because of its posture and possible streamers (we are not sure they are streamers), also his behaviour is more like a cockerel (he stays behind all the time) but he does not have any comb or wattle yet which is weird at 5+ months right? No eggs or crows yet.

We are really curious to know what you all think!


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The black silkie with gold leakage in it's neck feathers has the biggest comb, I suspect hes a late bloomer. He should start crowing soon.

Some Silkies won't start laying until 1yr of age before laying an egg. The usual time frame is 6-7 months to 8-9 months of age.

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