24+ barnyard special probably more like 36


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Jun 17, 2010
Western ny
I am up to 27 eggs right now. Will ship out Tuesday morning. I wormed them so no eating any of the eggs. These are mixed breeds with the possibility of some pure. I have at the moment 5 goose eggs, 10 blue/green eggs, 5 bantam eggs, and 7 brown eggs. These eggs are not exactly the cleanest although some are clean, its been raining for about a week straight. Two of the goose eggs were found outside in the mud, I labeled them so if you would prefer not to get them I don't need to send. I am still collecting for today and will include all of tomorrows eggs as well. I have gotten pure self blues and black split to self blue as well as black cochins. I haven't hatched many of my large fowl lately but have very good fertility in them. I did hatch out both of the eggs I set 23 days ago. One green egg hatched out a yellow chick and I think I may have gotten a pure jersey giant out of the brown egg. The mixed chicks that I hatched out last fall were great layers of brown eggs, they were sold at auction last month. They layed an egg a day and the roos were 5.5lbs dressed weight at 20weeks.

-Chinese gander
-pomeranian geese

Bantam: (penned seperately from the large fowl)
-sq black cochin roo
-self blue cochin roo
-red cochin cockeral
-sq black cochin hen
-self blue cochin hens
-gold laced cochin pullets (not sure if laying)
-wc black polish hen
-paint polish pullet (not sure if laying)

Large Fowl:
-golden comet roo
-black jersey giant roo
-supposed to be blue wheaten americauna but I think its an ee
-2 white ee
-golden comet hens
-dekalb amberlink hens
-production red hen
-brown ee pullets and hen
-supposed to be blue wheaten americauna pullets but think they're ee
-jersey giant hen
-silkie/americauna cross pullet
Wolftracks, I thought we were friends and this is how you do me?
Me either. I can't wait to get this box!

Second time in one day I posted in the wrong thread.

Maybe I should sleep more.
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