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Oct 18, 2009
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SAMPLES (scroll to bottom for ordering information):

Have you been looking to add a little charm and whimsy to your home-grown egg distribution process? I’ve got a backyard full of chickens myself and wanted to jazz up my own egg cartons before giving them away to friends and family. However, I couldn’t find personalized labels that I liked, or that fit my needs anywhere, so I made my own! Now I’m providing you with the opportunity to get your own too!

These custom-made egg carton labels are available in various quantities, styles, wording and colors. I’ll work with you to make a label you’ll love to add to your farm fresh eggs before they head out the door!

This auction is for 4 sheets of white, matte, self-sticking labels! There are 6 labels per sheet, for a total of 24 labels. AVAILABLE IN SQUARE, ROUND & RECTANGLE shaped LABELS!

Each square label measures 3" by 3.75", each round label measures 2.875 inches in diamater, each rectangle label measures 3.5" x 5". Purchase as many sets as you need!
I have provided a few samples of available pictures, text and wording. If you are interested in something that you don’t see (a color, a logo, a picture, phrasing), please email me at [email protected]. I want you to be as enthusiastic about using these on your egg cartons as I am on mine!

Click here for a thread by our customers showing offf the labels we made for them!

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