250-300 pound pig thinks it's a lap dog help!!


Sep 2, 2015
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My Coop
The previous owners spoiled her and treated her a as dog. She thinks she can right up on you and will chase you to get you to pet her and she will push you around. She goes for my legs as she wants to be petted I side step and pet her and she will sit still but I getting frustrated having her push me around and to be flat out honest I am scared of her and this behavior. The pig in the front is her the one in the back is Mr. bacon so far no issues with him.


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that would worry me a great deal from one that size... I see very small children in your avatar it could be risky to keep it alive JMHO
I have a four year old and a one year old but they (the pigs that is) are kept far from the house I have to drive back ther e to feed them it's about thirty arces away. The kids stay in the truck if they go with me. She not trying to hurt me but I still not happy about the behavior she could easly hurt me. I am move very big. I 5'4" she comes up to my high thigh if not higher. We want to build a pen even further back for them with a stock tank (have five will fence in one,) if I have to II will cull her and find another sow for Mr. Bacon. He very docile andrespectful of my space. I just prefer to try and fix it if I can or just pen them up somewhere they can be pigs and my kids can be far from them. My daughter alread y knows they could bite her and she knows not to go near them. She stays happily in the truck when I feed and water them.
Do you pet her when she does that behavior? If so, it is encouraging it, even if you don't mean to or step out of the way first. If you can, I would try to just completely ignore her when she does that or even leave the pen. Unless it is dangerous to ignore her? But any attention is a reward in an animal's mind so try to completely ignore her. With extinction, often the behavior gets worse at first but then it should stop eventually. And maybe you could try to pet her instead when she is doing something you do like. You can teach her, or reward her for, some sort of alternate, more polite behavior, just like you could a dog. And believe it or not, pigs are actually very intelligent animals just like dogs, maybe smarter, so she shouls be able to learn very quickly I would think. BUT. Given that she was sort of a pet before, I wouldn't completely stop giving her attention or petting. Just at first. Ignore her for a while or teach an alternate behavior while you ignore the bad one and then when she learns pet her or even use food. Or you could possibly find her a pet home?
I'm a dog trainer but I own a pet pig and Kdog is totally right- ignore ignore ignore. Praise good behavior ignore bad behavior- walk away every time she does something undesirable. Can you carry something to put distance between you and her? Even a stick?

If you are in Missouri I'd probably buy her from you hahahaha. Although my other pig would not be very pleased at all I don't think....nor would my husband.
Lol she doesn't respond well to sticks or poles
From my understanding the man who helped them get her on the trailer kept beating her on the head. But tomorrow we are building the permanent pen and I won't have to go in there as much as I do now
After today that's a no no. We got a cool front 70 dregrees it's been 90+ and we got alot of rain so she was hyper running and she came up behind me.and picked me up. I landed hard but not hurt to bad just sore. But I never what that to happen again. I love her silly but that's not going to happen again. We trying to get pregnant (going for number 3 if we get pregnany t yay if not OK) and I can't let that happen if I get pregnant and my husband works so he can only help so much so they are going in a new pen/area where I can just reach over the fence and not have to go in twice a day to feed and water.
Babies are fun lol. It's the season for them. I have goats we trying to breed, we got geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens, the pigs and next few days we be adding rabbits. After that I am done adding animals for awhile lol.
Every season is baby season!!

I get that!! In the last couple months we've added goats and ducks. Thankfully all are integrating into the farm peacefully :love

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