27th day.. a surprise hatch. Help? please, I want to save her/him

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    Day 21 I had one hatchling. Listened all day for more pips.. nothing. Assuming the others would not hatch, I thought maybe it needed more humidity so I added water and thought.. "well, let's see what happens" well, at day 26 we had a pip.. no kidding. She hatched today, but is not strong at all. She was in the bator the entire 27 days. Can you imagine????? She may have been in the egg too long, she was also having a hard time because her foot was in front of her beak.

    So, other than being kinda bent over, she has green poo on her butt that she hatched with, and also has a "prolapse" on her butt.. anyone know what this is? Almost looks like an "outie" belly button.

    So.. can I save her? I have her in the brinsea mini.. she's crusty but I don't want to wipe her down and get her cold. What kind of chick can make it that long in an egg????
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    Not sure, I had a chick hatch on day 27 this september. It lived for three weeks, and then died. The most you can do is make it comfortable and perfect environmental conditions with no stress.

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