2nd fall in a row...


5 Years
Jul 5, 2014
I have an Ameraucana who has had significant feather loss 2 falls in a row along with looking fatigued and eating less. Not sure what it is?
She is 3 or 4 years old. Last year she lost so much body weight. Its not so much the feather loss but the weakness. Doesnt seem as bad this year...yet.
What do you feed? It's not normal for them to lose weight. Are you wet? Could be something like coccidiosis. I will tag a few more experienced people.

@Eggcessive @Wyorp Rock , they may have a better idea than me. I do occasionally get an unwell bird in the fall due to all the stressors that the weather changes bring. We generally cull those who don't improve in a short while, so I'm no help on treatments.
Ive used the feed for a while. Its a corn mix that our local poultry place has put together
Ive used the feed for a while. Its a corn mix that our local poultry place has put togetherView attachment 1573959
Is it a complete ration? A corn mix sounds like scratch. What's the protein content? It does appear that she's molting. She needs a higher protein ration during the molt. A daily maintenance ration should be 16-18%. I personally like the 18%. During the molt the protein can be increased to 22-24% protein to help them grow in their feathers.
With the symptoms of once a year feather loss, fatigue, and eating less, it sounds like my chickens when they molt. Mine will also act standoffish, kind of lie around in a group, stop laying eggs for 2 months, and they eat much less food than usual.

What are your chickens’ poops looking like? Will they eat special treats like chopped egg or ground meat? Is your feed a layer feed, or more like scratch grains?

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