2nd Prolapse in 2 weeks


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Apr 13, 2015
We have a hen that developed a prolapsed vent about 2 weeks ago. She also had some flies and subsequent maggots get on her vent because she was making a mess of herself and we didn't catch it right away. We cleaned her up and isolated her and began treating her vent with honey for the fist couple days. Her vent slowly got better and about a week after we brought her in ( and a couple days with a diaper ) it was staying in on it's own. We were also treating her foot for an infection at the same time.

2 days ago she was getting really really antsy to get back to the flock and her vent seemed normal, although it did look a bit "loose" if that makes sense. Her foot was healing well so we put her out. She laid an egg yesterday and she is prolapsed again! Even worse than last time!

She also has a really runny/wet back end and now I am wondering if something else is going on, possibly vent gleet. There is no white, running stuff, but she definitely has liquid seeping from her vent and it makes her back end wet. It might just be diarrhea?

Can diarrhea or vent gleet cause prolapse?


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Apr 3, 2011
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Prolapse can be caused by several different things, and hens who have had one prolapse may repeat it. It can be caused by egg binding, laying too early in life, laying too large of an egg, and from straining, such as when they are constipated. Damage to the cloaca may occur which may cause it to happen again. I have had a pair of sisters with very loose vent muscles who prolapsed whenever they strained to get away from being picked up. Many people used to cull birds with prolapse. Can you push the prolapsed tissue back inside? It helps to stop them from laying for a few weeks to let it heal. That can be accomplished by placing them in a dark cage overnight for 16 hours per day. Also you may cut down on the amount of protein in their diet. Place her in a shallow bath of Epsom salts daily to keep her cent clean. Make sure that she is passing droppings. I hope you can get her to survive.

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