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    Sep 2, 2011
    New Hampshire
    We have a enclosed coop and run that my 5 girls have enjoyed since fall (it's all they know) We would like to offer them a larger area to enjoy during the day. They coop is situated in a corner of our yard, it would be easy to use welded wire and make a second area surrounding their current space. My question is do you think it's safe to use a 5 foot welded wire with no top covering. The original coop/run would remain open for them to go in and out freely during the day and they would be totally secure in the evenings. We live in a residential neighborhood. Never see stray dogs- there are hawks around occasionaly as there is a farm adjacent to the neighborhood with large quantities of free ranging chickens. I know people in our neighborhood have chickens that free range in their fenced in yard, they dont seem to have any problems. What is your experience? Do you think it could work without a roof, they would have access to go back into the shelter of the coop if needed.
    Here is our coop and run, just want to give the girls more room to enjoy if we can.


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    It only takes one time.... I would let them free range if somebody is within earshot. You could use the welded wire for the roof of the run too, or maybe just some chicken wire to keep any raptors out. I know it is bound to happen to me one day, but im going to try and prolong it as long as I can.

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