2nd try at Incubating chicken eggs, need advise!

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    Hello All, I am new to the incubation business. My first batch of 8 chicken eggs was a huge fail:hitand I would like to try again. I currently have 8 eggs again and I would like to start trying in Monday 3/26/18. I have one last eggie in the incubator today is day 23 I honesty dont think its gonna hatch. I would hate to lose these 8 so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a still air Hova Bator 1602n, I turn the eggs myslef and I have a hygrometer that I am currently calibrating with the salt test. Some sites say to leave the hygrometer for 24 hrs others say 30 mins. Which is correct? And I have the Bator on my dresser, I honestly dont know if I just did something wrong with my 1st batch or maybe the lack of knowledge, Please help. Thanks In Advance:)
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    IMHO, 90% of failures are from using un-calibrated and inaccurate thermometers.
    I don't event use a hygrometer. I use a scale instead to insure proper moisture/weight loss. 0.65% per day is about right.
    My favorite thermometers that are extremely accurate without being prohibitively expensive are the Brinsea Spot Check and this Thermoworks one. https://www.thermoworks.com/RT301WA
    Nothing will help until you know the exact temperature, thermometers and temp controls on incubators are notorious for being off - sometimes by a lot.
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