2x4 or tree limbs for roosts


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Just wanted your thoughts on if you guys think 2x4,s or branches make the best roosts. I have branches right now for roost there about 2inches in diameter and 7 foot long and in a stair platform first one about 7 inches off the floor, top one about 3 feet off the floor and one in the middle. reason im asking is they don't seem to use the roosts at night only about 7 of them go on there the other 21 all pile up on the floor any advice?
How old are these chickens? I had the same problem with my Buff Orpingtons at about 7-8 week old but at 10 weeks they are roosting fine on branch type roosts simlar to your design.

As a foot note I did add a lanscaping tember at the top last week which they like as well.
Either a LARGE branch or a 2x4 is fine, I am not sure the birds care a lot which one.

However I would suggest something wider than a 2" treebranch for your climate -- in winter, having something larger-diameter (the wide side of a 2x4, or a 5"+ diameter peeled tree branch) will let them cover their toes entirely with their tummy feathers, to prevent frostbitten toes.

They probably just need to be taught to roost, at that age. Put them up there at dusk every day, manually, and they will catch on really fast. If they don't, there is something wrong with your setup (don't like the roost, too drafty, too dark in coop for them to see to get up there, too hard to get up there, etc)

Good luck, have fun,

Chickens don't hold on to roost like other birds. With 2x4s for roost they will set on their feet in winter to keep their toes warm. It's harder to cover the feet with them wrapped around a roost. I have a tree limb in the runs for daytime roosting but a 2x4 in the coop for sleeping. Good Luck
This is just what I needed right now! How far from the back wall can the roost be placed? I have a great location just waiting for the roost to be screwed on in my new coop, but am wondering it's too close to the back wall. I think I have close to a foot between the window and the back wall. Is that enough?
I have about 7 inches between the top branch and the wall right now but I'm going to go with the 2x4's after reading about warming there feet in the winter. and i'll move it a little farther from the wall cause they seem kinda hunched over that close I'm thinking maybe a foot

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