2x4 Roost - Comfortable?


11 Years
Jun 13, 2008
I've read lots of places that chickens prefer the flat roost, and that it's better for cold climates, which we have. So this weekend we replace the 2" diameter branch we had with a 2x4, wide side up. But I'm wondering if the girls really like it. We have a monitor in the coop, and since we replaced it, I hear them moving all night long. Could they be uncomfortable? Should I put some sort of rough surface on the wood - it's pretty smooth.
I have several different size boards in our coops. Most all my chickens prefer the 4" side.
I have the large Jersey Giants down to bantam Cochins and Silkies and I have roosts from tree limbs as round as my thumb on up to the 2" and 4" boards. Only the birds that get pushed off and can't find the right spot to get back on will sleep on something else.
And of course, everybody wants the top bunk even though the other roosts are up just as high, they compete for that 4" top board.
Mine have a 2x4 roost and do just fine on it. Maybe yours were just shuffling as they got used to the new width.
Like getting a new mattress!
Like a baby monitor?!?! :eek:

OK, so maybe we're a little paranoid and maybe our chickens are just a little bit spoiled!
Hey, that's not paranoid, just a little indulgent. I've heard of people with web cams in their coops so they can both watch and hear. Now that is going the extra mile! I am not that far along yet, thank goodness.

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