2yo Silkie death by seizure


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My two year old Silkie Roo recently seemed to be feeling a little unwell. I checked on him one day because he looked puffed out as if he was cold, which was rare for him. He perked up when he saw me and was moving normally so I didn't think anything of it. The next day, he was staying away from the other birds. I took him out of the coop and put him with me where I checked him for anything unusual. Nothing. Within that half hour, he refused water and eventually had a seizure that lead to his death. What could cause this??? It all happened really quick.
I'm so so sorry.my guess would be a birth defect of sorts. something wrong in the brain perhaps. nothing you could have done. could have even been a emblimatic brain bleed. it's hard to tell. like a blood clot that went to the brain perhaps? no way of really knowing but that would be my guess? not sure. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. how very sad... I have silkies too. my heart goes out to you
So sorry for your loss. I am new to silkies and they are already stealing my heart.

I know with dogs, a seizure and sudden death could be from a heart defect or even a cyst that has burst in the spleen or any other organ. Just don't blame yourself, these things just unfortunately happen,
I appreciate your replies. He was one of my first chickens and my favorite so it was tough to see him go - I was glad to be there with him to comfort him before he went. I suppose I just wondered if anyone knew of a similar situation with a definite cause? Luckily, I had already ordered 5 Silkies for this Spring that were due to be here the day after he passed.

My flock has always been healthy and the only other thing I can think of is that this silkie, along with his hens, had the sneezies over a year ago and went on Tetracycline for about 5 days. Otherwise, he was healthy and active.

None of the other birds in the flock are showing any similar symptoms.

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