2yr hen acting like rooster??


6 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
Our 2 yr hen named Mouse is acting like a rooster. She lowers her wing like the rooster does when they do the "dance" towards hens except she doesn't do the "dance"
She keeps doing it to our 2 cockerels even though they don't pay attention to her.
I'm not sure why she's starting to do this so I'm posting here in hopes of understanding why.

Why is she doing this?

She doesn't do it to our head hen

Here's a picture of her from earlier this year
She could just be showing them dominance. If it continues she may have a hormone imbalance. Sometimes hens with a damaged ovary with act like a rooster. Sometimes a hen will take the rooster role if there isn't one, or if the rooster is meek.

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