3 + 1 FRENCH BLACK COPPER MARANS Wade Jeane/Channing Grisham NPIP Ky


10 Years
May 11, 2009
South Central, Kentucky



FRENCH BLACK COPPER MARNS 3 + 1 I will send extras if I get them!

Now NPIP Certified! Free Range!

www.thecampbellfarm.webs.com Visit our website to see more pictures of our birds and eggs!

This is from one of my buyers maransofms662 "I had bought some before and was checking out to see how other marans rated against our own. Well you and one other was the top two. So we discussed getting some more since we were impressed with your stock." maransofms662, VP of marans of america club. She gave me permission to use these statement from her.

This auction is for French black copper marans. These birds were hatched from the Wade Jeane and Channing Grisham line and came from a NPIP flock of exhibition poultry.

My marans have lightly feathered legs and their eggs are very dark. We have a ratio of 3 hens per rooster, so the fertility stays high. We have worked to get the best in color and standards. We do give our poultry vitamins and calcium, helping them produce better eggs and stronger, healthier chicks.

Our FBCM are in their second year of laying. Fertility has been tested, babies hatching and growing in my incubator now. Produced by the same birds you will receive your eggs from. We collect the eggs several time daily to ensure freshness and vitality.

My hens have been really good setters, I have had at least 10 hens hatch and raise their babies. They are excellent moms..

As with all eggs, I can not be responsible for your hatch rate, due to conditions out of my control. Tempatures, humidity and PO handling.

If you are not happy, please contact me.

Good Luck! Happy Hatching!!!

Some of my feedback...

Truly the darkest eggs out there & I've bought alot! Simply superb color 5 stars Buyer:
rustystruelove ( 60) Feb-19-10 17:18
6 + 1 FRENCH BLACK COPPER MARANS Fertile Hatching Eggs (#140383151753)
Hi, I'm going to be in Kentucky on Friday. Would you have any available then if I could swing by and get them? What does the 3 + 1 mean? Are the eggs $10 a piece?

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