3-4 hour drive to re-home chickens (when/should I feed them during the trip?)


Sep 20, 2020
Southern U.S
Sadly, due to complaints from our neighbors which alerted the HOA, we have to re-home our chickens in a few days. We sent an appeal trying to tell them that they are our pets and that we only had 4, and also that we already had them before we moved in. But the HOA's reason for telling us to get rid of our chickens was that other people asked to get chickens and they said they couldn't, and also the complaints of "smell and upkeep." Its just frustrating that we have been living at this new house with our chickens for almost a year, and all because our neighbors could not talk the issue through with us, that we have to find a new home for our pets.

But anyway, we will be giving them to some relatives until we can find them a permanent home. The drive to their house is 3-4 hours long. We have two older girls, about 4 years. Our two younger girls are under one year, but they are adults. We only have one kennel. My plan is that we will put the two old ladies in the kennel, with a blanket or towel over the top, and that the two younger girls can go in a large box with a few holes, and that it will be dark enough in there for them. (I dont want to put them in the same kennel because the smaller ones are still scared of the older ones, and I do not think there will be enough space in one kennel for them anyway.) Should I let them eat and drink before we leave, and give them food when we get to the destination? Or should we feed them some food and water when we take a break in the middle of the trip? Any ideas or advice about transporting the chickens with us in our car is appreciated.

I will add pictures of the coop (which, as you can see, is far away from the neighboring houses), and the box the younger ones will be traveling in (hand for scale) and a picture of the kennel.


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And also just to clarify, the young ones have been living in coop with the big ones for a while now, so they will be used to staying with the old ones at their new home. The kennel has not been used for a while.

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