3.5 week old Chick with injury...BluKote? Please advise!


14 Years
Dec 30, 2007
Hi there,
I've got six almost-4 week old chicks that we have raised indoors (ordered from Meyer's) and just last night we put them outside, in a "kindergarten coop" which is a separate area INSIDE the main coop, separated by a dog x-pen with chicken mesh covering it. This has worked for us for years; they can get to know the big girls (3 barred rocks) without any real interaction and have their own food and water and stay safe.

So this morning all was well, and I checked again at 1 pm and one of the Buff chicks had a bloody patch on the top side of her tail. As I watched, the other chicks surrounded her and pecked at it. I am assuming that she was too close to the fencing and one of the big hens nailed her. Not much damage; just kind of bloodied the base of a new feather. I brought her in, cleaned her up, and gave her a spritz of BluKote, which I've never had to use before (THANKFULLY!) but I know is widely recommended here on the BYC board.

I gave her some alone time in the brooder (which thankfully was still on the dining room table, all set up with food and water) and she's fine.
DH and I tried to put her back with the baby flock just now, and as soon as we put her in the "kindergarten coop" the other babies went right back to pecking at the purple spot. We took her back out, but I am worried about re-intergrating her back into the flock. She's dreadfully unhappy being alone.

Did I do the wrong thing by using BluKote? What do I do now? It's gentian violet, right? It won't wash off..... so now what do I do?

I think I'll cross post on the raising chicks board..

Thanks in advance!

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