3 chickens gone other two dead


Jul 31, 2021
I’m trying to figure out what killed my flock of chickens. We live in urban Australia so I’m leaning towards fox or cat as we have parkland behind us and I have seen cats in our backyard at night. We woke up this morning and one of our bigger chickens was in the middle of the yard headless, the other Australorp was found in the run also headless. Our three smaller chickens (2 silkies and one speckled bantam) are just gone. There are feathers from all the birds all over the run and backyard. I would lean towards a fox but I’m not sure why a fox would just eat the heads and leave the bodies of our bigger birds as a fox should be able to carry them. Would a cat be able to/want to carry off the three other chickens? Would a cat be able to take kill the whole flock including full grown australorps?
:welcome :frow So sorry for you loss. My guess would be a fox. If you have a camera, put it up because most likely whatever it was has been lurking looking for an opportunity and will be back and then you will know what for sure what you're dealing with. Good luck...
I’m so sorry! Hopefully someone can help you figure out the culprit as I haven’t had to deal with this and hopefully never will have to.
You have been lucky so far. Most who have birds will have a predator issue sooner or later. I went for quite a long time before my birds were discovered. Good luck...

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