3 day old chick scratching itself until it bleeds

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    Jan 21, 2008
    I'm baffled here. I've got a 3 day old Light Brhama chick that is scratching at itself non stop and making quite a racket. She has scratched herself until she is bleeding on the left side of her neck.

    Occasionally she will open her mouth and stretch out her neck as if to dislodge something that is stuck. We have opened her beak and looked inside only to see her tongue, no foreign objects.

    Note: none of the other chicks (30 some total) are having any problems.

    The food they have is chick starter, and they also have fresh water. They are still in the brooder box and we have pine shavings down under them. They have not been out of the brooder box into the open and nothing else has been in the box with them.

    She has been eating and drinking normally until late last night when she first started this behavior. It was not as extreme last night.

    The only treatment we have provided is to wash the blood off of her and wrap her in a thick soft towel which we are holding her in. She is much calmer now, snuggled up in the towel on my daughters lap and is not trying to scratch. As soon as we unwrap her and try to set her down she starts up again.

    Any and all help/advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, Pamela
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    That is really strange. I hope someone can help!

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