3 days of Tylan50 and still sick

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    I had snot beak (clear snot) and some coughing that didn't respond to duramycin in the H2O (full course, 800mg per day for 7 days), so I gave my whole flock Tylan 50 1cc once per day, sub-q for three days. All responded except for one hen- BO, year old- who still has crackly sounding breathing and snot. She was originally the sickest of the flock.

    Should I continue the Tylan with her or move on to a different treatment? Will Tylan keep working for a few days, and should I just wait? If different treatment, what should I do?

    Any advice is much appreciated.

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    If its a virus based illness, antibiotics will do no good, she will just have to get over it on her own. If its bacterial, antibiotics would clear it up. I would continue the Tylan for several more days. When I do Tylan powder in the water, I do a 4 tsp per gallon for 3 days and then half that for another 4.

    When I do liquid, I get LA-200 (in your case Tylan 200) injected into the breast muscle (IM not sub-Q)(alternate sites) 1cc per large fowl or 1/2cc per bantam every other day for 6-10 days. however, I have been known to give 1cc to a bantam every day if that bird is about a goner and have had them recover.
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