3 different roosting issues


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Sep 15, 2013
3 different chickens, 3 different "issues" not all bad I think, just curious

Chicken 1
Had sour crop quick is resolved-ish. After about a month if trying everything( acv, monistat, yougart, meds, diet) I came to the conclusion that this gal was either gonna make it or not, and she wanted to be with her sister sooooo bad that I just let her out of isolation. Surprisingly she is not vomiting and her crop feels better. Not normal but way better. Its been about a week since jail break. She was underweight but has been making up for it. But she won't roost. Problem is twofold. Its getting colder and she needs other chicken body heat, and when she poops at night it does not fall away from her butt. I've cleaned her off to keep bugs away and to prevent a clog but the cold weather and bath thing gives her the shakes. Ideas? She is a silver laced wyandotte so she has a puffy booty to complicate matters.

Chicken 2
The outcast. Not gonna mince words, she is a little stupid. I love her but there is something off. Nobody picks on her but they won't roost with her. She is always by herself on a lower bar.
Chicken 3
Sleepy head. First to roost, last to come out. Not worried that she is the first one up but sometime will chill in the coop for hours after everybody else has come out. We call her big Mama due to her size and thought that maybe she had a fear of heights coming down if that's possible because she isn't crouched, she stands in the a.m.. Like she is waiting for something. Ideas?
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

You might post your first bird in the Emergencies/Diseases section of the Forum. The second two sound like variations on normal birds.
You could trim away some feathers under # 1's butt so she will be easier to keep clean.

# 2 & 3 roosting problems. Is your roost high up? If so a large bird like BIG Mama may get injured jumping down- either she has already and it scared her, or she worries that it's too high. Some birds do not roost. Silkies for instance prefer to pile up in a corner on the floor. They aren't stupid. With their big crests and beards they don't see well. This is true for some other breeds also. Maybe if you put up a lower roost for the hen she will use it.
I didn't know that! I didn't know I could trim feathers or that some birds don't roost. The one that does not roost anymore is a silver laced wyandotte. Her crop seems almost stretched out after the sour crop. Maybe she can't see to get down. Or can't balance anymore. Really interesting. My roosts are curtain dowels, but I have 2(1x2) roost as well outside the nesting boxes and she won't use those either. Prior to sour crop that as her roost of choice. Not sure if this matters at all but I took a stool sample into vet for a worm test and it came back with some round worm eggs, a few other worm eggs, and cocxidosis.

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