3 Dozen - LOOK! - Bantam eggs! Pics!


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Apr 25, 2009
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I have over 2 dozen eggs from my bantam coop that have to be shipped out Tuesday.
I would love to set them myself, but I'm done hatching until summer.
These eggs are priced to go because I was holding them for someone who changed their mind. The oldest eggs in here are 6 days old today. There will be fresh eggs... actually, there will be ALL the eggs laid until Tuesday morning when I ship them out!
Here are some of the actual eggs you will be getting:

My bantam coop currently has...
2 Roosters: a White Crested Blue Polish and a White Silkie(all black skin, 5 toes, dark beak, correct colored comb, bearded)
Hens: Auracana(lays blue/green eggs, muffed, bearded, small tufts), White Silkies (bearded, correct silkies), White Cochin, White Sizzle, Salmon Faverolle, Silver Laced Polish
Here are the roosters:
This is Handsome. He's a little muddy 'round the feet.

Here is my crazy polish. I had to hold him to get the pic. His crest is wet & stuck to one side. Silly bird.

Here are some of my hens:
Here's Circe. She was out in the snow, so she's a bit wet, too. She has small tufts... hard to see when she's got a wet head. She lays the pretty aqua eggs.

Here's a pic of Baby, my SF.

Also, as a bonus, I will be adding a few of my Mille Fleur Booted Bantam's eggs. We were having a bit of a fertility issue when it was really cold, but I think we have it straightened out.
Here's Leif & Fjior:


I will be shipping eggs out on Tuesday. You will probably get almost 3 dozen. Shipping will be $13.00. I accept PayPal. I will be out of town until late tomorrow night (Monday night) but I plan to ship the eggs out Tuesday morning.
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Just a note...
I am NOT out of town. Plans were cancelled. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I'll be checking periodically.
There are exactly 3 dozen so far!!!

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