3 eggs in 24 hrs??? from one chicken!

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  1. mrsnkddavis

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    Jan 17, 2014
    I know! Im as flabberghasted as you! I have a RIR that will be 2 yrs in August. Well she laid yesterday morning around 10 or 11 am and then this morning we find shes laid two more eggs during the night: a regular egg and a "jelly" egg. Has anyone ever heard of this??? Normally shes my dependable one, an egg a day. Ive heard of a few chickens laying two eggs a day, but not 3. Should i be concerned?
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    Sounds like a system burp to me. The jelly egg was because she didn't have enough calcium in the system to form the shell. I'd provide her some extra calcium in the form of crushed egg shell or oyster shell, and not worry about it.
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    The 2 eggs in 24 hours isn't unheard of, you are correct but the 3rd jelly egg sounds like she had a "glitch" in her reproductive tract. I would definitely keep an eye on her for internal laying or egg bound but hope it is just a one time occurrence.
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    Yes, I have a black sex link that occasionally has laying issues where she'll not lay for a day or so - then will get all hunched up looking and mope about - and then lay as many as 3 eggs in 24 hours. Usually I'll find them dropped in the run and sometimes they'll be soft shelled. Once she does that, she's back to normal.

    I have no clue why she does this but I understand that sex links and those breeds that are "super-layers" can be prone to laying issues. Oddly enough, the last two times this occurred I had recently made a change in their feed. One time went from fermented back to regular. The next time I simply purchased a different brand of pellet. Went back to the original feed in fermented form and she's not had any issues in months.

    Sounds like your gal has a similar situation. Keep an eye on her. I figure that laying issues will eventually be the end of the gal of mine.
  5. mrsnkddavis

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    Jan 17, 2014
    Ok thanks for the advice everyone. Im not really new to this chicken thing and educated myself a lot through the course of ownership but i've never heard of this. I will keep an eye on her though. I feed layer pellets and oyster grit and the girls are free range as well so i think its the "glitch" mentioned. Needed the reassurance she was ok cause Gingie is my fav and didnt want somethin to be wrong. Thanks again!

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