3 Lovely Hens - one with green eggs


May 20, 2015
Hi there,
We have 3 young hens (2 to 1/2 yrs), the youngest with green eggs.
We live in the San Fernando Valley, CA.
The hens have always had full range of the yard, (except at night).
We would like to find a nice place for them.
Hi, so sorry you cannot keep your flock. I see you have already placed a post on rehoming. You could also consider running an ad in your local Agriculture Bulletin - talk to your County agent.

Good luck with rehoming.
Go to "where am I, where are you," in the social forum to locate and post on your state thread. When posting mention your hens and what part of the state you are in. If you have photos that's even better to get attention. I would think you will have the best chance of placing them well using this avenue. Hope they get a forever home soon.
Hello and

We're glad you decided to join Backyard Chickens!

I hope you find a good home for you flock.

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