3 month old pullet attacked by flock


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Oct 30, 2011
I have a 3 month old buff orpington pullet that was attacked today by the rest of the flock.

When I found her there were several others -roosters and hens pecking and flogging this pullet. trying to kill her. There are no external wounds to be found on her but now she cant hold her head up. She twists her neck in an awkward position where her head is either totally upside down or laying on the side. Her eyes are twitching back and forth like she can not tell which way is up and is dizzy or something.

I have been observing her for the afternoon and tonight ,she doesn't appear to be in any pain, but she doesn't seem to be getting any better. I thought she might have a sort of concussion injury from all of the repeated pecking and abuse that she endured , that would go away after a few hours, but it is not.

Anyone have any ideas or input on this

not at all sure why the flock would all of a sudden turn on her that way and I hate the thought of the possibility of having to put her down because of this. She is one of the most friendly birds i have. Meets me at the door every morning when i let the flock out for the day , and flys up on my shoulder and wants to be hand fed and petted

I would try to bring her inside and put in a large crate with a heat lamp on it, Give her vitamins (no iron please) also something wonderful to eat, maybe some oatmeal or scrambled eggs as treats. She is probably in shock and needs to rest. She may have suffered damage, but praying she will be getting better. Double check to see that she's not egg bound. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy.

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