3 Ringneck doves

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    Shipping will vary based on zip code. Buyer must provide shipping box. Paypal, money order, and checks are accepted.

    There is one white adult male, and two newly weaned babies (perfect age for taming) One is wildtype and the other is pied.
    The babies are nestmates and too young to sex. The male is unrelated.

    They are $10 each. You can buy one, two, or all of them. I just put them all together here to make it easier.

    The male has been moulting a bit so that's why he looks kind of ragedy in the picture:

    The babies (this picture was taken on the 17th - they have left the nest since):

    Here's the babies' sibling that I am keeping. This is what the pied baby will look like soon. They may still change and get more white as they get older. This bird isn't too much older than the little ones for sale.
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