3 Roosters, 1 Hen


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6 Years
Jul 4, 2013
Hey! :)
I currently have 3 cockerels and 1 pullet. All are currently 2 months old. People have said that this ratio will probably pose a problem in the future, but will it really?
The cockerels are perfectly friendly and don't fight.
And in terms of overmating, couldn't I just get a saddle for the hen?

I think you really need to rehome 2 of the cockerels and get a few more hens, or a lot more hens if you want to keep all the cockerels, otherwise that poor girl will not be very happy at all, and the males may fight once mature.
Thanks for the replies guys!
I guess I will have to rehome two of the cockerels then. We may have had to anyway due to noise pollution bylaws and neighbours. I'll look into that soon.
I'll have to see about getting my roo a few more ladies, too.

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