3 Two week old goslings...bought today,how to get them to eat/drink?


13 Years
May 13, 2010
I put them in the brooder and dipped their bills....they have stayed huddled together (I know they are not cold...it's 85 degrees out) and seem fearful.I have fresh water with vit/electrolytes in it for them. How long before I should worry? When I picked them up,I didn't see a waterer in the area he had them....so I don't know how long they have been without.I picked them up at 10 am.They have not eaten/drank since I had them.I have the same brand/type of feed as they were on at his house. Any suggestions? Comments?
I can't imagine its anything but fear of the new situation. And, they may not be doing it if you're around because they don't know you yet. You maybe could set up a video camera and leave it running, make sure they see the food and water, and then leave for a while and see what happens when you're gone.

But, seriously, I doubt that they won't eat or drink for long -- by morning at the latest. Once they get a little bit used to their surroundings, and/or they get hungry and thirsty enough, they'll start in.

I guarantee they won't refuse to eat and drink for long.
You know what it was? I had figured they were scared....so i thought...let me bring them out on the back porch for a bit with me,give 'em some water to play in and let them get comfortable with me.I brought them out and brought out some food/water in a pan.They wouldn't touch it...just stayed close together peeping.At this point...one of my little sebright roos flew up onto the porch...and proceeded to "steal" the food as he always does... As soon as the goslings saw him...they started copying him eating and drinking!!
Then I got to thinking...when i picked them up they were in a pen with a bunch of 4 week old BSL chicks! Now they follow Larry (my sebright roo) everywhere
He's not impressed

Anyway,I have since put 4 chicks into the brooder with them and they are fine now...silly geese
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