3 Week Cochins *VERY Pic Heavy*

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Feb 20, 2008
Arlington, TX
I can't believe my girls are 3 weeks old now. It seems like they have been here forever and then again it seems like I posted yesterday about brooder temps and how best to harass the post office into calling me the minute my chicks got there. Sigh.... they grow so fast!
Anyway, the girls enjoyed another afternoon outside and when it was time to go in I decided to take their pics to show how much they've grown. They will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. We have decided to officially go with the flower theme for their names too.

First up was Daisy the silver laced, aka Ostrich Girl. She has always been the smallest of the bunch, the runt if you will....

Hey, who you calling names?!

Next, meet Marigold the golden laced. She is so sweet and loving...

But a little shy, she didn't look at the camera again after that last pic

This is Daffodil the Buff. She has always been the biggest girl of the group

here she is working it for the camera with her fluff blowing in the breeze..

This is Rose the Red. Her other name is Trouble. She is one naughty little chick, but cute huh?!

See the "I didn't do it" Look on her face?

Well, she did!

Finally, meet Blue Bonnet the Blue. She's my little Southern Belle. If a chicken could cluck with a southern drawl and sashay like a Dixie Queen it would be her...

Oh Dahlin' ya wanna take my picture?

Here Suga' be sure to show my fluff...

Now the otha' side sweetie...

Are ya sure ya don't want one more? That lil' girl of yours was in this shot...

Sheesh, I told ya it was pic heavy! We hope to have the coop finished by next weekend. It will be called.... "The Flower Gard-Inn". I can't wait to post pics of that one. Y'all will really think I've flipped my lid. My froo-froo chickens will have a better house than mine!


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Mar 25, 2008
Too cute! Everyone looks like they're having fun (even mommy)!
Thanks for sharing!


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Jan 22, 2008
Ft. Myers, FL
They are adorable!!!!! Great pics, thanks for sharing them!!
I went back to look again so I could tell you which was my favorite, but can't make up my mind, they are all tooooo cute!


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Mar 20, 2008
NW Kentucky
I love the pics and the captions...they are so full of personality at that age aren't they? My girls are three weeks old tomorrow and man they are something else!

Beautiful babies you got there.

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