3 Week old chick I’ll suddenly


Jun 2, 2020
We have a new wave of baby chicks. Things have been going great. Yesterday morning all of them were going great. They have fresh water, clean cages, heat, and medicated supplement food. Yesterday evening when I got home one of the chicks was acting like it had a hurt leg. I checked it out and everything seemed okay. It started flopping around acting like it had neuro issues. I started giving extra electrolytes. All the extra nutrient chick food stuff is sold out around here. Spent all day at the vet today for them to tell me they couldn’t figure out what Is wrong with it. The chick up until about 2 hours ago was still eating and drinking. Now it has stopped and is laying down on its back. Any advice or knowledge of what could be happening? It is the largest chick, and yesterday morning was running around healthy. Please help! Thank you!
Do you have any vitamins with electrolytes to give the chick orally? Something like Poultry NutriDrench would be good—1 ml daily, followed by giving plain water. Dip it’s beak for half a second. It might be dehydrated from the leg issue limiting it’s getting around.
It might have been hurt or it might be ill. Has there been any runny poops? I would place it either in a sling or prop it near food and water. You may need to wake up often to get more fluids into it. There are various leg issues, but injury might be possible. Flipping over onto it’s back does sound possibly neurological. Vitamin E with a little egg can be given. PND does have some E, but you can get some 400 IU vitamin E to give in addition to the PND.
Some poop has been runny. What should I use for vitamins? All stores sold out of all the poultry type supplements. I just don’t know what to do. Out of all of the years I’ve hatched chickens I’ve never had a situation like this and want to do anything I can for it

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