3 week old chick with bad leg


5 Years
Apr 14, 2014

Hey guys this is my 3 week old chick he hops on one leg his other leg just does not seem to bend down its like frozen and just sticking forward. is there anything to be done about this? please help. thank you.
I'm having the exact same problem. My little guy was born with it and he seems premature or like he has Down syndrome. I can't even get the leg to stretch. Hopefully someone will help you because I haven't had a response yet.
If chicks have hatched like this then probably nothing can be done,as bones have probably fused in this position. You could try checking for a slipped tendon,gently roll leg between fingers see if you can feel slipped tendon,it will feel loose/springy almost like an elastic band or you can run thumb down back of leg from hock to shank feeling for slipped tendon. If you feel a slipped tendon press down you can feel it snap back into place,do this several times a day or wrap to keep in place.

With leg issues immediate treatment is the key to fixing problem b/c the longer it is left,the less chance of success.

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