3 week old Speckle Pullet or Roo? hmmmmmmm???


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Mar 7, 2014
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I posted this in the baby chick section then thought DUH, why didn't I post it here!

Is 3 weeks too early to tell if our little speckled sussex may be a Roo?
"She" is a little spitfire, bosses the other chicks around, she'll even go after her 8 wk old sisters.
She's the first one to run out of the coop when we walk out to their run and if all the chicks decide to go in the coop and one lingers in the run, the speckled sussex runs out and persuades the outsider to go in with the others.
When eating she steals food from all the others and heaven forbid someone try to get one of her mealworms from her.

Maybe sussex'es are outgoing and I'm overthinking things, I guess time will tell.
Here are some of her 3 week old pics

thats a roo, the wattles are too large to be a pullet
thank you for the help nicalandia
the wattles threw me off too, my 8 week old girls aren't even getting little bumps in that area and here HE is with them already

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