3 weeks old. LOOK at the size of that comb!!! :-O


10 Years
Jan 23, 2010
Berry Creek, Ca
I hatched babies out Feb 1st and 2nd. Of the 15 I swear most of them are roo's! I know, too early to tell but most have large pink combs!!

Well this little guy has a HUGE comb!! almost 3.5 weeks old now and just look at it!!!! He's an unknown mutt. His comb was quite large and pink at about a week old!!!

This was taken today:

This was on monday. at exactly 3 weeks old!
(their first trip outside because it was soo sunny!):

If he keeps maturing at this rate he'll be crowing before I know it!!
Nice of him not to leave you guessing about his gender for long! Isn't that fun when they have their first trip outdoors, watching them explore?
Yes! Daily outings are great! They went out again today! Under watchful eye of mama(ME!)!!

He's quite a tough little guy! He keeps jumping on the biggest chicks back! I think they're already trying to challenge eachother!!
Though I see another big comb in that second pic, here's something that may give you hope. You see how his stance is different from the other chicks? Also, he's bare across the wing bows (shoulders) whereas the other chick in the second pic seems to be more feathered out in that area. You may have some pullets yet, just ones with really large combs.

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