3 yolks in 12 hours!

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    I posted earier about the possibility of rats getting my eggs as my new, and first, layer stopped laying for about five days after laying for five days straight. Typical impatient newbie....

    Late this morning there was a big (double-yoker) egg in the cat litter nest box [​IMG] and to my surprise a small, regular new size, egg in one of the hutches. She laid two eggs, with three yolks, in 12 hours time! She was holding out on me...

    I don't think my other EE or any other chicken is laying yet, although a few are getting close - singing the egg (is it safe to come out) song and my rooster is trying to mate with them. I don't think he's 'man' enough for my Cuckoo Marans yet, but the Golden Lakenvelder is getting harassed. Both eggs are the same shade of blue-green. I'm also waiting on my Indian Runners. One is quite the hussy with my drake. No complaints from her at all! [​IMG]

    I'm glad I had this forum to reassure me that, yes, new layers are unpredictable!
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    Yes they are unpredictable.

    BTW, I love whippets as well as chickens.

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