30 Assorted Coturnix Hatching Eggs $15 total Includes shipping PA


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Jul 18, 2008
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Just as the subject says
I am collecting daily from my Jumbo Golden/Jumbo Brown pen (should get mostly goldens from this cross as golden is dominant over brown), A & M pen, Orange Tibetan pen, Red Tibetan pen, Tuxedo pen (pure tuxedos), and a Tuxedo pen (with an A & M roo to perfect the tuxedos whiteness). I feel safe enough now to offer 30 assorted coturnix hatching eggs at $15 I say safe because more birds started up so I can collect almost 20 a day so offering 30 sounds about right. May offer more later....and you MAY get extras but I can't promise what my birds do.

Fertility has been tested on many of these colors esp the goldens and the A & Ms, as well as the tuxedo pens. The red tibetans and orange tibetans just reciently started up but their eggs are looking good in the incubator here.

I ONLY accept Money order or cashiers check (postal or walmart perferred). I ship out on a first come first serve basis... meaning who's ever money order or cashier check I get first, that's who I first collect for to be fair and to keep things in order.

I do not have pay pal sorry. I SHIP UPS with tracking so if you have a PO box let me know as then I'll have to get a priority box and ship out normal mail. Also remember to put your screen name or email info in the envelope so I know who to contact to let know I got their money and then to contact again with tracking number

Only selling these eggs as I have an excess I have enough in my bator right now
I only charge just enough to help me pay for feed costs. I breed these birds for genetic fun of their colors hopefully you will enjoy them as well!

Please PM me if you're interested or for any questions.

Golden Pen:


Orange tibetan Pen:

Red Tibetan Pen (also known as Dark Tibetan or Blacks...as you can see they aren't really black):


Pure Tuxedo Pen (excuse the bald heads had to remove a really nasty roo these gals are all healed up they just need to regrow their feathers


Tuxedo pen with A & M roo:

I ONLY offer assorted as the only pen that's laying largely is my Golden pen, all others only lay a few a day (2-5 per day) so to keep freshness of the eggs I only offer assorted at this time. May eventually offer select colors have to wait until I can up my quail numbers somemore
Again PLEASE PM ME, I don't check here often enough.

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ofcourse you can!
If you are deffinatly wanting to buy PM me and i'll send you my address of where to send the money order or cashiers check to
LOL after the stunt the buttons pulled last night
maybe you want to trade some nice beutifull cortuinix eggs
for some very pretty but largely pain in my arse buttons
I have a baby gate over the button's brooder I had just changed it and put in fresh food and water and all that. Well I layed down about 10 or something and just as I was getting ready to drift of a commotion started in the button brooder , I roll over and grumble a little bit to my self a little and start noding off again , next thing I know a button is ZOOMING thru my room and smack right into the screen of the open window about 2 inches from my very startled cats face , as I am jumping out of bed another button ZOOMS out of the brooder across the room and smacks right into a wall. I grab the cat and plunk him out of the room ( he thinks this is soooo rude by the way ) and start chaseing button quail around my room while others are trying to make a break for it , .... they keeped me up till almost midnight and woke me up at about 4:30 this morning...

Come on you know you want some button quail

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