30 Hour Famine

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    Who all's doing it? I did it last year and just started getting sponsors for this year. It's a bunch of fun (a lot more fun than you would expect from not eating for 30 hours). You're with friends the whole time and there's no food to tempt you so it makes it easier that way.

    So basically, for about three weeks before the actual event, you find sponsors to fund you. You set a goal of money and try to obtain it (if my youth group as a whole gets a certain amount of money [which will be determined later] we get to dye out youth pastor's hair any color we want [​IMG]). Then at the end of the month (I forget the date) you go to wherever your youth group is going to (usually at your church) and go 30 hours without food. There is a service project, games, worship, and thankfully you get to sleep too.

    So who does it/has done it?

  2. My FFA chapter participated in the 30 hour famine when I was in High School. I did it every year. We always had a lot of fun and raised a lot of money!
  3. I went 2 1/2 days with out eatting all because I was mad at my spouse.. So that wasnt very fun at all.. That way he knows that he made me very very upset..
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    I've done it before. It's a pretty cool thing.
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    bacon. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Bacon is good. Too bad I can't have any on the famine. [​IMG]
  7. Suppose to be very healthy, and a friend of mine who really researches this says that on the 21st day of a fast, your body regenerates itself. She uses cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water for her drink . . .says it really does work. I don't know the ratio.

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    Quote:Just an FYI - this is a 30 HOUR famine. [​IMG]
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    I did that a few times with my youth group back in the day. It was fun. We watched movies, played games, and drank so much juice and lemonade we were peeing ever 5 mins [​IMG]
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    Quote:Haha I think we're only allowed water. I don't think I drank as much water as they wanted me to, but I did drink enough that I didn't get dehydrated.

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