32 hours from pip to hatch! Is this normal chick behavior?

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7 Years
Jul 18, 2012
Carmel Valley, CA
One of my turkeys hatched! It was a strange one. 2 days early, he pipped, began to zip and then stopped. Then, nothing for 32 hours. Now he is out, but he doesn't look too happy. He is just lying there looking exhausted. If he hears me, he peeps and kicks his legs, but nothing else. He is still all wet. It's been three hours since his hatch, but 35 hours since his first pip. Is this normal? Will he just lie there for hours? Should I get him out of the incubator (and give food and water since he has absorbed his yolk long ago I think - he had a poop inside his shell even!) as soon as he is dry, despite another egg still being in there? Day 0 is tonight/tomorrow at 2am.

It is my first turkey (and my first hatch, period) so I don't know if he is acting normally or not.

Please help!

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