3rd chick is here, and in a real funny way.

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    Hope is okay to write this;

    Well after a rough day yesterday, day 19 for my eggs, and having first chick hatch out deformed. Then the second one, just fine, hatched out early this morning, got a chuckle this afternoon. First I have the two early chicks with me, for those who haven't read any of my posts last night or this morning. Mom is happily leading around two adopted chicks I had bought Sunday.
    Well had to take a duckling back to my guy today that had ended up losing his tail, so I had taken it to take care of till it was all better, which it was. While there found out one of my eggs in His family's incubators had a hole in it's shell, was pipping. So I brought it home, figured would put it on a heatinf pad with the other two, or under the hen still setting. That was at noon. Well I just couldn't seem to get pad right, or be happy with it. Hen's eggs are scratching so was a bit worried about suddenly putting a peeping egg under her, when her's aren't yet. Well beacuse of health problems, I usually run a low grade fever, about 99.5. Had put on a sports thingy that women wear, hope that is clear. So decided to try tucking egg there, since is humid ans warm. Put chick there at 2:05pm, it was still peeping so continued talking to it. All of a sudden it went nuts, I heard a crack, looked down and it had in one peck doubled the size of the hole. It just went to town, by (sorry had that wrong, wasn't 3:20pm, meant 2:20pm) was out of shell,lol Chick is happily cuddled in with it's siblings now,lol Not in the same place,lol Will get pics when I can
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    ROFL!!! That is great!! I can't wait to see pic's of that little thing!
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    Hatching in a sports bra, now thats a new one. [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. Haha [​IMG]

    Very funny.

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