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Oct 12, 2010
Hi All,

Our 3rd grader is in 4h for the first time and wants to show easter eggers.
we have one but it's too old to show. I have searched online to find a hatchery that sells them but no luck
does anyone know where to get them?

You should be able to get one from any feed store at this time of year. Del's has chicks starting tomorrow. I just don't know that EE's are shown. they are considered mutts. It may be possible that someone in your area will have an Americana, or a Arcana. Both should lay very nice blue eggs, and be very showable.
You should be able to find out who has birds that will be old enough to show this year, by going to the Index Social Forums; Where am I? Where are you!; and then find your State thread. The members there will know who has what, and where the breeders are.
I just HAVE TO ask. . . . . How in the world does one show an Easter Egger?
Or a sex-link hen for that matter. . . ? I am always stumped by this.

All hatcheries and even feedstores sell Easter Eggers, even if you look on Craigslist you may find people selling them under the name "Americaunas" or Ameraucanas or even Araucanas.
We are in Indiana, and I have no idea how to show them.
I guess she will learn. the ones we have are all tame and eat from my hand every day.
Thanks! I found Ameraucana's, I didn't know the corect name of the breed, they are listed under the rare breeds. Thanks again.

The one we have that lays green eggs is white with black specks so I'm not sure what breed or mix it actually is. we got it from a local farmer that just has "chickens" he doesn't know the breeds either.
The "how" that Ilia was referring to was because EEs are mixed bred chickens. And it's like taking a pound puppy to a dog show...BUT for the purpose of 4H that's ok!! It's more about how she handles the bird and how the bird works for her. The only problem I would forsee is that often at 4H showmanship the kids have to hold their birds up for an extended period of time, and large fowl birds are often way too big and heavy, especially for the smaller kids.
You can find Easter Eggers on almost every hatchery website, they are often sold as Ameraucanas, Americanas, or even Araucanas, as others have mentioned before. Do not confuse them with Ameraucanas from private breeders, they are two VERY different things. Your local feed store is probably selling them as Ameraucanas.
"Ameraucana" isn't the correct name of the breed(s) you have. YOU are correct in calling them Easter Eggers, it is the hatcheries that are incorrect.
Get them from Cackle Hatchery, always order chicks form them and have order many EE in the past and they have always been very healthy and most of of them have been pretty tame (with a few exceptions). They always ended up being nice looking chickens too. You wont be disappointed with their stock.
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