4 day old chick choking?

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8 Years
Jul 12, 2011
I have a 4 day old chick that seemed like it was choking. She seemed to be sleeping alot which I figured was an ok thing, maybe she was a bit cold so I covered her up. All the other chicks were up and running around like normal. I was about to put them all back in the brooder when I noticed she had "drool" coming out of her mouth and looking like she was choking. Her eyes were closed and she just kept looking like she trying to throw something up. So I went in and found a syringe and suctioned out her mouth. As I was doing this I also got some regurgitated food as well. I then messaged her throat and finally got one peep out of her but that was it. We tried to give her liquids after that but she only took 1 drop and let the rest run down her beak. At the moment she doesn't look real good, keeps her eyes closed and all. At one point she actually went limp in our hands just before we started suctioning her, which is also a reason we wanted whatever was in her throat out. Anyone have anything? What went wrong? I didn't notice her throat swollen or anything. She looked like she was just real tired. Right now she has her eyes closed and almost looks like she is gasping for air but I can't get anything else out.
P.S The crop doesn't seem to be hard.
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I'm so sorry for your loss! I have not a clue what happened to her?

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