4 day old chick is sick!!


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May 25, 2016
So yesterday we got 105 assorted chicks and this morning one was sick.This chick is the runt of the flock ( very small ) .The chick was laying down, being jumped on and pecked by everyone, seems to be cold and was having trouble walking. I put 4 small Italian oregano leaves and two small dried flowers (still oregano ) in the water and shook it up. After warming the chick up and making 'em eat a small leave i put 'em by the water and the chick drank some. I went back to check on 'em a few hours later since i done all i knew to do, the chick was laying under the lamp. ( not being trampled this time ) So i went to pet 'em and the chick didn't move. I went to scoop 'em up and he got up and stumbled away to get some water. The chick was walking better and looked better, but i was wondering if you know anything i might be able to do to help or what it is.

lets hope no others will get sick and thanks for all your help

( also i dont like calling animals its even if i dont know what they are so i hope its not confusing )
( the oregano is very healthy for them i made sure first )

Thanks - ChaseAndDreamer
Wow! That's a lot of chicks! It sounds like it may be just a "failure to thrive" and there is probably nothing you can do about it. If he makes it, he makes it. If he doesn't, he doesn't. If no other chicks are showing signs of the same, I wouldn't worry about a virus or anything like that. The same thing happened to one of my BO chicks when they arrived in the mail, one just did not thrive like the others. Sometimes there is no explanation for why a chick (or any other animal, for that matter) does not do well after it is born, and we have to, as their caregivers, accept this despite our instincts to "Fix, fix, fix!" I'd say the most important, and probably only, thing you can do at this point is to separate him out so he doesn't get trampled and wait to see what happens.
Thanks, I was thinking about separating the chick for that reason and i just went outside to do that and it took me a bit to find 'em. The chick was laying down and when a chick stepped on 'em, the chick jumped right up and moved so he seems to be doing better but ill keep you posted
The chick didnt make it.The chick was looking like he was doing better but this morning the chick was laying down and cold so i put 'em under a heat lamp for a bit then he started moving. the chick drank some water (without the plant) layed back down and died
Well another chick is sick,and doing the same but with some heavy um breathing i think it is.I separated the chick from the others.

P.S this chick is now the smallest
Well another chick is sick,and doing the same but with some heavy um breathing i think it is.I separated the chick from the others.

P.S this chick is now the smallest
Ok this may b travel stress. Here's what to do. The chicks need nutritional supplement which doesn't need to be digested, Go to your feed store our tractor supply and buy a bottle of Bovidr Labs Poultry Nutri-Drench. Give each chick one drop only by mouth. Then put it in their water for the next 2 weeks to get them off to a strong start. The water should look like very weak tea. See also instructions at their poultry page on their website: http://www.nutridrench.com . When chicks get weak like this their G.I. tract stops functioning normally. We give them helps but they can't uptake them fast enough to make a difference. They slowly get weaker until they reach a tipping point where the lack of nutrients is greater than their vitality and then they have a cascade failure of the body systems and they die. The Drench does not need to be digested. It mainlines directly into the bloodstream. Restoring their immune system and jump starting their G.I. tract. Measurable in the blood in 10 minutes, 50% uptake in 30 minutes with 99% utilization, all natural. If a chick is needy you can give it one drop by mouth and then repeat as needed every 8-10 hours until perky. Now you have 105 chicks,... 2 seasons ago I had great success rising 42 light Sussex on the Goat Nutri-Drench using the poultry dosage and usage instructions I have just written. It was cheaper than using the Poultry Drench because I had so many birds.
You don't need anything but chick feed, fresh water, the Drench, and ...after several days old, chick grit.
Best Success,
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I havnt been able to go out there yet this morning to check on the chick. I told my mom and she seemed interested so maybe we'll get it and the grit. I dont know when we'll get it though...we are going out today so maybe today i dont know.

Thanks again
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Oh i forgot do you think my little sister holding them alot has anything to do with it
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