4 Mo Pullets - What are their breeds?


Jun 16, 2018
Minneapolis, MN USA
We know the one is a Brahma. Thinking Jærhøns for one? And a whiting true blue or Andalusia - she’s super tiny though. They are new to us don’t seem to be comfortable with people much, so these are the best I could get for photos.

2E7EB405-7923-4587-A2AB-56E26E363C1A.jpeg 89491D0E-381A-452C-889A-403010728344.jpeg 988F5CDB-3D26-473A-9FF7-E2F3055B501E.jpeg
Beautiful birds! What kind of comb does the first bird have? By any chance a better picture? The last picture in the first post is definitely a Dark Brahma but I'm figuring out the other two.
It could be a Jærhöns. That would make it a cockerel, as I thought when I first saw it.

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