4 month old Legbar not eating much


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Jul 13, 2016
I have two 5 month old hens eating well but my 4 month old seems to walk away from the feeding bowl before the others and not eat as much. I know she is younger but she has just started doing this. I am worried she is not gaining weight as she should . I have checked her crop at night before she goes into the coop and it doesn't feel very full even though I make sure they are fed before sleeping.( They are all in a large run at present and I will free range them in a few weeks time.)

I have had these chicks since they were 2 months and 3 months old and all has been well until now. This chick is last in the pecking order but seems happy and to be honest, the others don't bully her.

I have tried feeding her in a place on her own but she just ignores the food and frets to be with the others.
She does eat, but not as much as the others.
Can anyone tell me what the average weight should be for a Cream crested legbar of 4 months old? I can then weigh her. I could be worried for nothing but I am new to all this, so want to do it right.
I keep the coop and run scrupulously clean and the hens seem to be fit and well, (even the smaller one) I would just feel better if she ate a little more.

Many thanks.
I have one Cream Legbar hen and she's a very petite girl. However, she lays some alarmingly jumbo eggs for her size. She got off to a very rocky start, though. Just after she began laying, both she and her sister got very ill. It must have been a very virulent infection because it killed her sister in less than 24 hours and it took three rounds of an antibiotic to cure this one.

Needless to say, her appetite was non-existent. Her symptoms were extreme lethargy to the point of falling asleep where she happened to be standing at the time. Frankly, I never thought she'd ever lay eggs again. But she's fine now, but still very small and delicate.

If your Legbar is acting normally, pooping normally, don't worry about her appetite. But if she's showing symptoms like I described above, then get her an an antibiotic asap.
Thank you for your reassurance, she seems to be eating a bit more today. I just expected her to grow larger, but the others are a French Copper Marans and huge Cuckoo De Malines! I will certainly watch for any symptoms.
I am very grateful for your help. Have a good week end.

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