4 sick chickens, of many. HELP

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    Apr 30, 2011
    Ok so i have 20 or so chickens, I recently brought some silikies and about 3-5 days later one of the silkies had a slightly swollen eye.(just one) and was some what with drawn and laying around. over the next couple days I have found 3 others with the same symptoms. They have no other respiratory symptoms and it is not affecting both eyes just one. and 2 of the birds are shy and reserved and the other two ARE somewhat normal. i have been using ophthalmic erythromycin there has been a little yellow drainage and i have to was the eye to open it and put meds in? please give me some ideas as i am new to my love of chickens.... thanks Nick all info helpful
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    May 16, 2011
    how old are the chicks that are effected right now? are they eating, drinking and pooping OK?
    can you check to see if there is any injury around or inside the eye?
    It could be many things that are causing this.
    1. CRD (put your ear up to their chest and listen to them breath and see if you hear fluid or wheezing)
    2. allergy to the bedding, or a cut from the bedding or enviroment....what type of bedding do you use?
    3. just a common cold that my clear up on its own.

    Wash the eye and surrounding area with saline solution or a diluted warm salt water. then dry off and use a q-tip to place the medicated eye ointment on them
    Best of luck and hope they get better [​IMG]

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