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Apr 25, 2021
Port Angeles, WA
Hello I see there are similar topics but my case is a little different. I have five 20 week old pullets. One is laying daily. The breeds are black sex link, rainbow dixie, sapphire gem ( black), and two welsummers, all bought from my local farm store. These are my first chickens so I'm not sure how accurate the breeds are. Anyhow yesterday my sapphire gem was in obvious distress, being lethargic. When I examined her, her vent was very swollen. I gave her a short Epsom salt soak and then secluded her in her hen house where she passed two soft shelled eggs about 10 minutes apart. It was then bedtime so I let the other 4 girls in and went to bed. In the morning, I found she had passed 2 more soft shelled eggs. This morning I have supplemented their water with electrolytes, crushed their oyster shells down further, and added hemp hearts to their feed.

My question is, what can I do to prevent her from becoming egg bound again and to improve her shell quality. I know the calcium will help but I was unsure if I should make sure she has time alone to lay? Thank you! I can provide pictures as needed.
You could add vitamin d supplement like citracal to the crushed oyster shell. Vitamin d helps the calcium absorb.
I have oyster shell, crushed egg shell, and a generic citracal crushed offered on the side. Make sure there is fresh water not just water with electrolytes available.
New layers have glitches. When mine have layed a soft shell they do get kind of run down right before it passes. The heat and stress can also attribute to soft shelled eggs.
What feed are they currently on?
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I'd skip the electrolytes and the hemp - and oyster shell is more effective in big flakes than crushed into powder (I only use shell powder for mixing into wet feed for problem layers that will not eat oyster shell).

Try calcium citrate, popped directly into the mouth of the bird with the issues. Read posts #2 and 4 here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/soft-damaged-eggs.1452762/#post-24179334
What all and how exactly are you feeding?

A dose of EL might be fine, especially if it's hot where you are.
II give it once a week during heat waves.
But make sure there is plain water also available.

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