4 week chick w/ shaky head -- I need help!


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Mar 25, 2007
Erda, UT
One of my 4 week old Ameraucana chicks has a quivering (sp?) head. It doesn't do it constantly, her little head with shake for a minute or two and then stop for a few minutes. It is quivering like she is cold, but it is only her head, and she is not cold. She is growing fine, eating & drinking fine, and running around. She is the only one of 26 chicks that is doing it. Any ideas on what it could be, or anything I should do for her? I really want her to be ok, she is so sweet and she is one of my 3 splash Ameraucana's. Thanks for your help.



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Jul 8, 2007
Woodville, MS
Try giving her some Poly-Vi-Sol drops - two drops on side of beak twice a day. Poly-Vi-Sol (without the extra iron), by Enfamil, is a liquid baby vitamin/supplement. Gerber also makes exact same product under different name. Either can be found at drug store or grocery store where baby products are sold.

4 weeks is when nutritional deficiencies or malabsorption issues start to arise. The extra vitamins will help if that is the case.

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