4 week old BA....hen or roo?


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Aug 7, 2018
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I have three BA chicks, almost 4 weeks old. I know this is generally too early to tell however one chick is not quite like the other two at this early age and seems to have a much larger comb....I have found many other similar posts with a bit older chicks however they have not be updated so I have not been able to determine if this is just early development in one of the chicks (I plan on updating with time so others can learn from this!). The first two have much smaller combs, same age. What do you all think??
IMG_3805 2.jpg IMG_3794.jpg IMG_3796.jpg
Can you retake the pics with the red light off unable to see color of comb.
Yes! These three pics are all the same chick in question. I am mostly curious because it is so different from the other two BA...we have 4 RIR at same age, same comb development amongst that group...3 marans, same comb development amongst them as well...
IMG_3819.jpg IMG_3815.jpg IMG_3814.jpg
Just an update.....not much difference with the comb color...this was the one I wondered about because it was more developed than the other two at same age.... BA1.PNG

Interesting enough, one of the other BA's now looks very similar....and actually a little redder in color............ BA2.jpg

and the third still looks behind in development, the comb seemed to just lighten in color a bit.....


amazes me how differently development can happen and the differences in a week or two, esp with the second chick that really did not have a comb and now is equal.... all are 6 weeks old today
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