4 week old bantam cochins - Gender and How to introduce to 11 week olds


Mar 29, 2017
Greetings, I got these 4 week old bantam cochins and I'm thinking hens, but is it too early still? Also I have 4 other bantams that are 11 weeks old. When and how should I introduce them once the newbies can go outside. I'm thinking when the young ones are around 8 weeks old?


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If it's warm enough, I put them out at 3 or 4 weeks. I live in Georgia, so it's definitely warm down here. If you can rig it so they can see each other, but not touch, then after a week or two you should be able to combine. I have my grow out pen attached to my adult pen. So I throw the young ones in there for a few weeks and then combine them all and haven't had any battles. The only time I had fights was when I just threw grown chickens (or grown with young) without the safe space first.

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