4 week old chick limping stiffly

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8 Years
Aug 22, 2011
I had posted this in the raising chicks forum but this might be a better venue. I have 8 chicks that are 3 and 4 weeks old. One of the 4 week old ones, a Barnevelder (we think female), is limping. She hobbles around with short jerky steps, and seems to prefer to snuggle down on the ground than to stand, and is roosting fine. Otherwise she seems ok, if a bit mellow - eating, drinking etc. I took a good look at her feet and couldn't see anything wrong with them. They're in a brooder box with pine shavings on the bottom, and outside in a pen on the grass for a couple of hours a day.
New to this and hoping it's nothing...
The good thing she is still useing the leg. If she wasn't useing the leg you would be more concerned! If you didn't find any thing in the bottom of the foot, she probably just has a tissue injury. Probably pulled/strained. Give her some time, chickens can heal from a lot worse injuries.

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