4 Week old Hamburg and Brahma...


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Hi everyone!

Well, I just can't stop myself from asking... I'm REALLY worried about my Light Brahma, Tiny, and a little worried about my DH's Silver Spangle Hamburg. I know it's probably going to be REALLY hard with Tiny as she's still mostly puff but her legs look huge to me. Then again, I've never raised a Brahma before... Salsa (Hamburg) just has a wide crest area coming in and again, it may just be a breed thing but...

I just finished cleaning their brooder so they're running around on puppy mats in front of it poking around for spilled food and mealworm bits.

This is Tiny. S/He has no comb to speak of, just a teeny tiny little V where it will eventually be. She stands about an inch and a half to two inches taller at the shoulder than Salsa or the two three week olds (Sussex and Australorp) when pecking around. And yes, while puffy she is 4 weeks old. When they said this breed could be slow to feather in, I didn't think they meant this slow!

And Salsa.


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My 2 light brahmas had hardly any comb for a long time and still don't have much at just over 5 months.... and their legs are really thick and long... I worried about them being roos, but they aren't. It's still really young but the feathers will start coming in soon.

I don't know about the 2nd one... that comb looks big for a week and a half.
Sonora- I'm not allowed to keep roos in city limits.

They're both 4 weeks. I was just hoping there was some 'tell' that I wasn't picking up on for which gender they are. I can wait for an answer, I just need to know before they decide to start crowing that I need to find them new homes.
Okay, a big worry people constantly have is of having a rooster in city limits. . .

. . . Even if you have a rooster, it isn't going to noticeably crow until about 4 months old, sometimes even later.

They look like pullets to me though so far. If anything, keep eyes on the Hamburg, but again, do NOT worry until much later!

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