4week old chick wobbles wile walking and head jerking.


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I got two 4 week old Cochin chicks 4 days ago from a local breeder. One black and one white. These are my first chicks. The black one is showing these signs:

She wabbles when she walks. She shakes and jerks her head slightly. Every once and a while she does this dramatic forward head /neck extension and opens her beak. She's very sleepy. She constantly chirps. She's very clingy to the white one and hides under her. When I hold her her balance is off and she doesn't grasp my fingers very well with her feet. I put her in the grass to let her walk around and when she was in the sun she went completely limp and laid on her side... like she passed out. When I took her to the shade she was walking (wobbling) around and scratching and pecking. She looks like a drunk chicken. When she sleeps sometimes she goes completely limp and her head lays forward and her wings lay out to the sides. It seems like her motor skills are off.

She is eating and drinking. Her poop is huge and looks healthy.

I've been reading threads about vitamin deficiencies but I didn't see anything with these specific signs and symptoms.

I will try to post some photos. She's real cute.
Any info will be awesome!
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Ok here's an update. I've got the chicks on medicated chick feed. I've been putting the electrolyte/vitamin mix in their water. I've been giving the one showing symptoms liquid B Vitamin Complex. And I gave them a little bit of hard boiled egg 2 days ago. I've seen no improvement but I read that it can take up to 5 days. She is smaller than the other one and she has less feathers/bald spots. She does have energy and she is eating and drinking very well. She chirps so loud constantly and stumbles around. It's so hard for me to see her like this.
Please help! I really need some advice.

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